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What's an Agritur?

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“The Farmhouses’ offer mainly targets people who love nature, the environment and historic and cultural resources, including gastronomy. the mission of Agritourism in Trentino is not only to offer genuine and high quality products to guests, but also to let them see with their eyes and participate in the process. You know, a cup of fresh milk tastes very good. However, if you drink it after you assisted to the cow milking process, we assure it will be even better. So, why not?

Rural hospitality is a deeply-rooted tradition in Trentino. The Farmhouses there not only offer you accommodation and catering, but also farming activities to enhance your experience in a foreign country. While you are staying in Trentino, you are not just a client, a visitor. You are a waited guest of a family that love you and care for you.

If you want to be more fond of farm life should choose one out of the 50 Farmhouses in Trentino that are also Teaching Farms. This is the perfect occasion to know animals, plants and farmers’ labour directly! The rurality is full of emotions - children will be delighted and adults will find it amazing. The accommodation offer in one out of more than 200 associated Farmhouses will help you to live our reality as you were one of us. We are so proud of and happy to share with you our simplicity, far from everyday life and the touristic pack holidays. Search for the true experience!

A Farmhouse is a treasure chest in which we shield the genuine hospitality values of Trentino: our origins,  what make us different and so deeply connected to each other."

Manuel Cosi
Presidente Associazione Agriturismo Trentino


  • 540 Farmhouses; out of them, 300 are associated to Associazione Agriturismo Trentino

  • Teaching Farms: 150 and out of them 80 are associated to Associazione Agriturismo Trentino

  • Farmhouses with bedplaces: 374 with 5100 bedplaces

  • Farmhouses with typical restaurant: 219 farmhouses 

  • Farmhouses with tasting service: 204 farmhouses

  • Agri-camping: 20

Today, Farmhouses are ruled by the Local Law enacted by the 30th of October 2019, n.10, called “Disciplina dell'agriturismo, e modificazioni della legge provinciale sull'agriturismo 2001 e della legge provinciale sugli incentivi alle imprese 1999” and by its Regulation. I nostri agritur sono strutture complete di ogni servizio. In our Farmhouses today you can:

Find accommodation in rooms and/or apartments

Eat traditional dishes in typical restaurants

Have genuine locally grown products and home-made products 

Buy the products directly in the farm

Meet the farm’s animals

See the cultivations and learn rural secrets

Stay in fabulous spots, like in pictures

Inspire fresh air and get your needs satisfied.

This is Agriturismo Trentino! We are waiting for you!



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