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The Daisy Classification

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The Daisy has been an important cultural symbol in the Farmhouse’s world since ever. This rustic flower, so simple and authentic, in the past it was considered an emblem of faithful love and purity. The love we consider here is the love for our territory, Trentino, where our farms live and grow. We are proud of our Trentino. The silhouette of the stunning Alps is the beloved nature we recognize, what make us different in such a confused world, threatened by rapid and disrespectful mass consumerism and frenetic lifestyle. If you feel so badly distracted, we offer you peace, when you come to visit us. 
The NEW classification system involving the “daisies” to rate Farmhouses’ quality offer dpart from 2022, when it was added to the 10th Local Law of 30th October 2019. Thanks to this important detail, the Farmhouses (the “Agritur”) can be easily compared to those of a European context. We intend to stress that the Italian Farmhouses’ Daisies deeply differ from the world-known Star classification used to evaluate hotels’ services. The Daisies are assigned by the Municipality of reference according to concrete criteria and requirements. See the list below:
1) Connection to the territory, resources and local production in order to value and promote them;
2) Story-telling and representation of Trentino rural tradition;
3) Qualification and education of the personnel;
4) Number and quality of extra services offered
The criteria are given an evaluation according to points 1), 2) and 3). The more complete is the Agritur’s offer, the more Daisies are given to the structure: this would mean the Agritur is able to satisfy several and specific needs. The quality of the service, however, is not strictly connected with the Daisies evaluation. Our aim is in fact to cater for the guests the best way ever, thanks to our capacities and possibilities. In the end, professionality rewards us more than anything.
In conclusion, we invite you to see with your eyes our Farmhouses and to test us. You should try to be convinced! 


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