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Would you try to catch a rabbit among the vineyards and the fruit trees? You would milk a cow, drink a warm egg, bite a glittering apple, eat the steaming “polenta”, wouldn't you? In Trentino you can fulfill these simple dreams. Then, you will sit on an old chair in an old kitchen and listen to your heart beating. Maybe you already know what Agritourism means: it is a dive into the colours of the current season, a dialogue we start with the unspoilt surroundings, but not only that. Agritourism is a true experience through the culture of farmers who open the doors of their houses to you, like it was your own. Friendliness is the word that we prefer.

This is what we call Agritourism in Trentino.

In Trentino hospitality is our tradition and delight. More than 200 farmers now want to boost their clean, comfortable and renovated houses; tell you the interesting experience on the territory; live with you some days, feeling happiness during all the time. You will be discovering a new and ancient world. Trust us, your holiday will surprise you!

Whether in a group or alone, for a so-called ‘green’ vacation, or a tour on the snow, you can address Agriturismo Trentino. This means in all seasons the holiday will be inspiring, the nature living around you when you walk among the trees, when you slip on the snow and then when you relax deservingly. You will dine with genuine home-made dishes based on grounded farmers’ products, which are absolutely healthy. In Italy we  know how to make it.

Away and away with newborn emotions, years on years with Agriturismo Trentino, we hope to succeed in meeting your desires.

If you still don’t know where to go, we suggest you to surf the webpages of our macroareas. Let the inspiration lead you!


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