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"Made by Me" Trentino Star Project

Dal 24 Jul Al 10 Nov

"Made by Me" Trentino Star Project

24 July - 10 November 2019
A new offer for curious gourmet guests

The "Made by Me" project aims to receive guests in a natural environment, made by local people, local genuine products and traditional secrets of the Trentino cuisine in a mixed experience that will absolutely leave you delighted! In Automn you can collect seasonal fruits and vegetables and prepare jams, pesto, sauerkraut and creams, aromatic salt and syrups; we will teach you how  to use these ingredients in the kitchen to make interesting Trentino dishes.

You will explore the fields where the crops grow, will learn the ancient receipts, following step by step our advice. You will sleep in our Farmhouses, where you can find familiarity, magic, warm welcome and bright colours of a relaxing and tasty getaway.

Starting from September to the first days of November, during the week end, 16 Farmhouses located all around Trentino can host you for this wonderful experience by following your steps from the fields to the kitchen. So, come anc take part in!
7th - 8th SEPTEMBER
Agritur Maso Pertener - Lemon and sage syrup
Agritur Maso Corradini - Raspberry jam
14th - 15th SEPTEMBER
Agritur Dalaip del Pape - Home-made vegetable bouillon
Agritur Maso al Sole - In-salt fermented vegetables
21st - 22nd SEPTEMBER
Agritur Maso San Bartolomeo + Coccole di Mammina - Apple jam
Agritur La Val + Leprotto Bisestile - Aromatic salt with herbs
28th - 29th SEPTEMBER
Agritur El Mas - Sauerkraut
Agritur Maso Flonkeri - Damask rose jam
5th - 6th OCTOBER
Agritur Malga Riondera - Green tomatoes-based spicy jam
Agritur La Casa nel Bosco - Officinal plants and herbal tea
12th - 13th OCTOBER
Agritur La Locanda dell'Arguta - Arguta kiwi jam
Agritur Fiores - Biologic salt with biological herbs
19th - 20th OCTOBER
Agritur Maso Kofler - Vegetable pesto for pasta
26th - 27th OCTOBER
Agritur Solasna - Fruit jam for strudel pie
9th - 10th NOVEMBER
Agritur Berry House - Chestnut flour
Agritur Maso Pra Cavai - Honey nuts


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